song for a corpus III

So a lot of the songs on this mix that I seem to be slowly creating have ended up being female vocalists. Both of the following are no exception - but there's the addition of some male backing too. Perhaps that goes some way to toughen things up a little… just a little. Anyway these two - as recommended by the delightful G and her boy M - are just treats. 

Listen and sigh: Don't Watch Me Dancing and Unattainable both by Little Joy

And Gotta Cheer Up by Cotton Jones. (Particularly like the spaces between the songs on this album - Paranoid Cocoon. We listened to it late, on vinyl, and sighed over the threads between one track and another. This is the second track on the album and the merge from the first song to this one is seamless. I love it when people think like that - and when you notice it, everything seems just as it should be for a moment. Makes you shiver.)

Er, so, 1960 anyone?