song for a corpus IV

Allo Darlin and Let's Go Swimming - an apt and timely reminder at a time when I'm making tri-weekly cold-water plunges and the big question looming in my mind is how long I'll be able to keep it up if the temperature continues to plummet. (A big race at our local beach the other weekend… a good hundred people plunging in and having fun. But now it's quieter out there; icy water and winds drive the hoards away.) 

No cool video, but a great song that I copied from a friend this summer, listened to once and just rediscovered. It even sounds like they mention 'Pendennis' - but this cannot be! Think it must be 'pendanus'. Either way an excellent reminder of why I'm here, doing this and why for now, it's right.


Afterword: I've just returned from the beach, and the calm waters pictured above are no longer. Turbulent, bolshy waves made swimming an epic - if not rather undignified - adventure. Try getting in and out elegantly when you're being repeatedly pounded. All with a gaping audience. But my, you feel brave when no one else dares… even if you did lose your swimming hat in the process. Inspiration of a different kind. Awe, I think perhaps.