against orhodoxy: why publish?

Against Orthodoxy:
Why Publish?

Tuesday 3rd April 2012
9.30am - 4.00pm
Sherwell Centre
Plymouth University

Publishing spreads words, images, messages and ideas. Publishing can inspire, educate, challenge and change. Publishing is how we connect, how we share and how concepts grow.

This symposium will examine the persistent association between the publishing world, innovation and dissent. Speakers, via case studies, will discuss how publishing confronts and responds to the ever-changing world in which it exists. What did it mean to publish in the past, where does its future lie now and what are the benefits and pitfalls of publishing in the modern world?

John Bently, Liver & Lights
James Brocklehurst, Mighty Meta
John Elford, Green Books
Roger Lane
Alex Ryley, Mutant Labs

£30.00 includes conference pack,
lunch and tea breaks.
(Free event for Plymouth University staff & students)

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Organised by
Message research group
Faculty of Arts, Plymouth University


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V and I have been working very hard to get this symposium up together for next month (one of several reasons why you've not seen much of me up here lately). Would be great to see a few of you there…Please spread the word!
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