studies in indirect communication vol. xxiii: soliloquy part one

The boundaries of one's utterance. 
The knowledge of its scale - of its termination - before you even open your mouth and let the words rush out.
Or the lack of knowledge.

The ability to keep yourself in check.
The ability to let yourself speak unedited.
Whether this be alone or with another.
Unrestricted when alone, therefore untethered, liberated.
Expansion of one's self and one's thoughts; unexpected revelations when shared with others.

Working your thoughts through.
Arguing with yourself, consoling yourself, scolding yourself.
Welcome to the soliloquy.

The first steps of a stencil for a large print from acetate.
Not sure if the threads between the bubbles will be too fine and so will ruck under the pressure of the press. 
The making of the piece may be its own destruction.
I quite like this.
Will soon see.