time passes, things get done

It feels like ages since I posted anything up here. That's because it is. But contrary to how it may appear, things have been happening. The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 were mainly focussed on writing.  

Several peer-reviewed papers were published. I was particularly pleased with The Architecture of Conversation in Message: Mapping Eclecticism Through Practice (published 2013, by University of Plymouth Press) which was an epic to both write and design, as I tried to represent the temporal nature of the dialogue (various communications, events, emails and notes over an extended period) and the qualities inherent in conversation through a print-based version of an immersive text (if that's even possible). I'll get a pdf of it up on lizzie.ridout.com soon. A few pics above in the meantime - click to read.

A paper called Showing Saying: On Speech Balloons was also published in Semiotics & Visual Communication: Concepts & Practices (published 2014, Cambridge Scholarly Press).

More backwards gazing soon.