remembering folk

Characters and caricatures; the idealized heads of St. John and St. Paul are contrasted with grotesque heads, above them rises a cloud of faces showing different expressions. Etching by W. Hogarth, 1743 © Wellcome Library, London

The funeral procession of the Dutch naval commander de Ruyter in 1677 © Wellcome Library, London

Part of the funeral procession of General Monk, Duke of Albemarle, in 1670. Wood engraving.
1852© Wellcome Library, London

Funeral procession of a queen passing through Hammersmith in London. Etching with engraving by C. Canton after R. Banks © Wellcome Library, London

The two top photographs were taken of framed 'photo-collages' - for want of a better word - at Fiskars Museum. I've not really seen anything quite like it in the UK before. Perhaps it is a peculiarly Finnish way to document people linked by blood, institution, geography or politics? They reminded me of images that I've been collecting of visual lists for some time now, including this one by Hogarth and three funeral procession prints (all from the Wellcome Trust).