in the basement



The wonderful Erja Huovilan at Paperitalo here in Fiskars loned me kit and paper to ramp up the press in the basement this weekend. It was good to just change the pace, work with inky stuff and try to play for a while. All the above very childish and crude really, and not neceessarily a means to any particular end. But the exercise has made me stop to think a little bit more about the nature of the shadows. Particularly the knitted one I'm making. It's so very static. I like this - but in the above prints the ones I think captured the qualities of a shadow the best are exactly the opposite: the ones that shift and waver, the ones that are more enigmatic. And of course, all the most interesting things in print are not the pieces you try your hardest on, but the ones that on the throwaway newsprint behind the print intself… Always the way.