conceptual gymnastics

 Have been somewhat scuppered today in my intention to contiue working on the shadow drawings downstairs in the basement. No sun today, just cloud. But the sun is inclined to do that, so I'm not troubled that for today I have to devaite from my plan. (But do please come back bright and early tomorrow…)

I've instead used the gloom productively to concentrate on my Paper Museum project. This requires quite a lot of time scouring through digital archives for useful images. The Paper Museum is a newspaper that will probably comprise of three volumes. I'm working on two consecutively and have been for some time, but it's not something you can really just do in an hour here and an hour there. There's a whole lot of collating and writing to be done. So a whole day thinking about how many different themes might link - both visually and textually - is really rather glorious. I'm not sure when I last had a day like this - to just think. Conceptual industry is a fine thing!

And look at what I found at The Beinecke… sometimes you just need a bit of time to dig. And these are so perfect to help me with my own Peter Pan mission. Click to see them bigger and read the text.

Peter Pan [typescript of the three-act version of the play (with manuscript revisions in an unidentified hand and interleaved with lighting plots, stage business and prompt cues in several unidentified hands) used in the 1904-05 production] © Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University