The ingredients
 Real live actual shot
Woody's beautiful template
Woody's beautiful template
Woody practicing his aim
Woody and the real target
My first spent shot
The results
The results

The back of the template
So Woody saw my Excoriate piece and mentioned that shooting paper might achieve a similar effect to what I wanted to create with the laser cutter. Funnily enough, when I first conceived the idea, it was with the thought of the phrase shooting someone down. But shooting things in Britain would require some organisation. Here, you just meet Woody, get in a truck, with a gun, some shot, some paper and ear shields, drive into the woods and bam - it's done. You can see what I mean about Woody being someone who gets things done. Look at the gorgeous wooden template he made me. A work of art in its own right. I'm sad I have to leave it behind.

And yes! It was marvelous fun! And yes it was scarily empowering! And no I don't want to shoot anything that actually moves. But I'd have another go at stationary non-living targets! I got so excited however, that I forgot to ask Woody to take a photo of me taking aim. I promise that a good percentage of those holes were due to my excellent aim…