the characters in this tale vol. i

People keep asking me to see more of where I am and who I’m with. So I thought I’d start doing some portraits of the people I’m working with here. A few at a time and staggered over the next few weeks as people are in and out here.  

To kick off we have the interns, who I reside with:

Steph has pretty much been my chauffeur since I arrived and is general strong person and just seems to be able to sort everything out (I am like an innocent in this country). She swims faster than me, is a bit of a chef and used to sport a mean mohawk when she headed out to town - but now she's cut it off. (I think she would have preferred me to use the picture where the mohawk was rigid - but I like these better as she is laughing.) She's also been my silkscreen clean hands lately…

Cheyenne (pronounced Shy-anne) is just lovely. She's also another scarily practical one (she was in charge of getting our temperamental generator to work during the hurricane days and filling the pump when the well drops below a level it considers that it can provide us with water at). Little and strong and wise. And a fine array of neckerchiefs as you can see here. She’s the one who did a marvelous job helping me hang my show and is actually even more fastidious than me when it comes to working out levels and things. She's also making my etched Flee image sing! We eat bad food together, like sweets and stuff.

Bryn is the third of this awesome bunch of ladies. She’s a mean cello player, and is currently teaching herself to play the piano too. Am awed by her musical capabilities. She's also a pretty funny commentator on life in the intern house. She’s been an excellent print demonstrator and has bag-loads of enthusiasm. And she runs even though she might catch Lyme disease. Again. Braver than me. I've been once and had to check myself meticulously for ticks afterwards, twice over.

And this is where we all live, happily:

Photo of Bryn and me in the dining room by Steph Bell