and so then you just have to go and make fifty…

1. Silkscreen many pinks bangs together on sheets of paper.
2. Gloss those same bangs so that the paper won't crack when folded.
3. Silkscreen single grey bangs onto sheets of paper
4. Cut out every last one of the bangs. Perfectly.
5. Score and fold each of the bangs individually, by hand.
6. Put them through the press to really make sure they've been crushed.
7. Apply PVA and attach each pink bang to it's grey partner on a separate sheet (also silkscreened) and run each one through the press once more to make sure that it's securely adhered.
8. Fold and cut each sheet to form a page in a portfolio of prints.

Fine when you're doing one. Takes a while when you have to do fifty.