the wayzgoose

This evening was Wayzgoose at WSW. And not a bad turn out bearing in mind a hurricane may well be hitting us in a few hours. So this is the deal with the Wayzgoose, which is not a term I was familiar with previously:  

Hundreds of years ago, printers celebrated the end of summer with a festive event for their workers. Summertime meant long days of setting type by sunlight. Before bracing for a long winter of frozen fingers and setting type by candlelight, they cooked a goose, tapped a keg and said good-bye to the season in high spirits.

WSW did it their own way with a sale of prints, barbeque, keg of beer, live music and some printing in the studios. It was fun! Shame I got distracted and stopped taking photos when the hoards arrived. 

Now though, we're battening down the hatches and seeing what tomorrow brings our way…