desert island

Desert Island comic book store on 540 Metropolitan Way, Brooklyn, just along the way from where I'm staying. A whole array of stuff, from very classic comics, to short run zines, posters, books and other publications that may or may not be termed artists' books. Pretty much all you could want on the subject of comics.  
And the window display there at the moment is fab! The picture above doesn't nearly do it justice. But everything is hung or constructed to be freestanding, and it just has a really lovely naive and playful quality about it. It looked like it was fun and free to make. Designed and created by Hyesu, you can see some better pictures of the window display here and its creation on her blog here and here.

Lastly the guy who runs Desert Island is also really friendly, helpful and genuinely passionate about the shop and the subject.  And it seems to be open just about all the time…