birds britannia

I've come to this series - Birds Britannia - way, way too late. And it's excellent and timely whilst I'm working on new things (see image above - click to see bigger) for Universals later this month, curated by Oliver Udy. The programme isn't just another  natural history series about birds, it's more interested in the relationship we as humans have had with birds through history, and how we have been defined by them, and they by us. 

Unfortunately iPlayer only keeps each episode available for a week, so of the four parts, I've only seen number three (Sea Birds). The final part (Countryside Birds) is available here until 8:29pm on Tuesday 10 May 2011. You can see some clips from each episode in the whole series here, here, and here (scroll down to 'Clips'). Stephen Moss, the producer of Birds Britannia writes about the series on the BBC blog here.