We made it! (Me in 42 minutes although I forgot to check my time. The first person took 19 minutes, the last person about 1 hour and 8 minutes…) Everything was on our side - the wind in the right direction, but sadly no sun apart from a brief moment just before we scrambled for the water. The whole thing was incredibly emotional after almost a year of preparation - but easily the worst part was approaching the beach with all those people waiting for you and cheering. I didn't want to get out. 

But now I want to do more! There's something pretty amazing in being part of this sort of thing - and knowing that at some points you have 100 metres of water beneath you.

Some other pictures to follow, but in the meantime: setting off, coming out and getting my medal (from Sharon Davies! Notice the embarrassed smile - I really was still a little dazed at this point).