38 minutes

Photos © Steven Bond

Well… I talked and talked. I forgot several things I wanted to say, but I think on the whole I remembered most of the important stuff. And I came in at under my allotted 45 minutes (I actually thought it was 40 minutes, so I'm happy). Somehow more nerve-wracking than I expected it to be, being bracketed by the likes of Brian Webb, Graham Rawle, David Pearson and Rob Mason. It's also been a while since I did something like this so didn't feel like it was quite the well-oiled act it once was - but perhaps this is a good thing. On top of this I was talking about the speech bubbles which doesn't feel like a fully formed idea yet and is most certainly a work in progress. Usually takes years to fully understand what's taken place with a body of work.

Still a really great and inspiring day - thank you to everyone for all the support. We'll be organising another one for next year I think. It definitely felt like it was worth the hard graft to bring together such a group of talented designers - and just simply lovely people - into one room for a day to exchange thoughts.

Am going to take a small hiatus over the Easter break as feel rather exhausted, but also as an opportunity to muster up some new and exciting material to put up here. See you in a week or so.