Message at the University of Plymouth, has organised a symposium called Text + Image = Message (can't put the 'n' in in Blogger - eg 'to the power of n', but you see what I mean from the poster). It's on the 5th of April at the university and I'll be talking about some of my work with regard to the idea of communication. There are other marvelous people speaking such as David Pearson, Graham Rawle, Rob Mason, Rebecca Pohancenek and Brian Webb. Go here for more details. If you buy a ticket before the end of the month, it'll only cost £30 for the whole day, after that the price shoots up to £40 - book early!

To coincide with the symposium and also the exhibition The Art of Lost Words in the Peninsula Arts Gallery (in which I also have work), the Message research group will also be exhibiting a small show of images created by its' members. And the fine Mr Tom Barwick has drawn us a rather marvelous horse to celebrate the event. The show starts on the 17th of March, and will be on the ground floor of the Roland Levinsky Building at the University of Plymouth. Anyone can come in and have a look.