Welcome to Sketchbook.

I set up Art Sparklets back in 2007 and ever since I've pretty much hated the name Art Sparklets. Too light! Too mum-doing-craft-project-with-the-kids sort of vibe! I'm not light. I'm not a mum. I don't really do craft projects. So all in all pretty inappropriate. But I'm a lazy beggar and I couldn't find the time to change the name - and all the links that go with it.

For some reason though, now when I have so much on, I've decided that it would be an excellent time to attack this task. So as of Monday 21st February 2011, Art Sparklets is no longer.

I've transferred everything over to this new blog with a much more generic name, which I think makes a more fitting container for all the information. It looks pretty similar, it works the same - and at some point maybe I'll migrate it over to a more gorgeous Wordpress site or something. But not today. 

And in case you're concerned, the content's not really any more or any less brooding either. Just more of the same.