two castles

Still from Chris Stonehill's 'Mum & I Swim'
Last week I found myself - without even really noticing that I was doing it - signing up for the Castle-to-Castle swim in May this year. So. I've finally committed to my first mile-long, open sea swim. It's going to be long, hard and cold. But I'm so excited. On Saturday I got up to run with the sunrise and stood at one castle, looking out towards the other. The expanse of sea between the two seemed unfathomably far. The swim training will have to step up a notch or two for me to get through this one unscathed, for sure. 

The event is organised by the RNLI and any sponsorship for them would be gratefully received. They are very deserving - and we all like to know there are folk out there to help us if we ever get into watery troubles. I need to drum up a minimum of £50 - but I 'd like to get a lot more. Do email me if you're interested in putting a quid in the box.

The video above, by Chris Stonehill says it all. This is why we do it. He and J have set up a beautiful blog called Take Me To the Water. This film would convince even the most landlubberous of people to dive in. Take a look.