pressed whites / pressed ghosts

I have such marvelous friends who seek out such treats for me. This one from H who found it over two years ago and has only now been able to meet up and give it to me. A book of stitchery with the finest plates. Reminds me of this, from way back.

'With these simple stitches the needle has plied its way, at once the most useful, intimate and democratic of all implements, uniting people of every class, colour, creed, and country… and so the wonder-working needle, with its many-tinted threads in all kinds and qualities of textures, has woven the thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, doubts and aspirations of countless millions of people, young and old, in making and decorating the simplest homely garment, the grandest ceremonial vestments, or the highest imaginative symbols of Church and State.'

A good sentiment for the season. 

Mostly though I was interested in the crisp, pressed white forms on the black backgrounds, and thought back to my old Ghosts of Stockings work from ages back.