passing time vol. i

Jumper knitted by Philip Furse for his friend Gordon Partridge

Lighthousekeeper Harold Taylor and his knitted jumper of the Trinity House crest. 
From Woman's Own  April 1977

A birthday trip on a real howler of a day: Falmouth's National Maritime Museum. Can't believe I never made it there before now. Excellent tea-towels for sale depicting an array of knottage, formidable views and awe-invoking boat displays. And a good show about lighthouses, particularly the bit that explored how lighthouse keepers filled their long days.

So, a return to those ganseys and knit-frocks. 
But also some of the thoughts the other Lizzie and I had about passing time for Tanks & Tablecloths ages ago. There's a long, long history of this sort of stuff. Will try and dig a bit more of it out soon.