Back in a place I've not been for a long while. And just spent time looking out the window at the bird table outside. All the action and frenzy and chattering! I realised I don't care what the birds are (although I did make a list and verified markings in a bird book…), just that they're there. It's somehow reassuring to watch them go about their business with no particular plan other than to survive. It puts a certain perspective on things.
Goshawk (perhaps…)

One thing I find rather frustrating about living with cats in a seaside town: birds just get driven away. You don't often hear them or see them.

Think I'm back to thinking about birds a lot these days as we seem to have a rogue starling swarm in our little town at the moment. I've not seen if before - they arrived after the big storms and I wonder whether they got a little blown of course. As a team, they are so flamboyant and gossipy! They seem to have different spots in which to congregate at different times (and I never seem to have my camera at the ready). Just now outside my studio window on a telegraph pole: my cats are driven nearly insane by them.

Part of it is also to do with the fact that The Art of Lost Words is due to be shown at the University of Plymouth in the spring and I'd quite like the opportunity to revisit some of the ideas a little differently. Skirr - here I come again.