harvest jamboree

In a previous post I showed all the old Ladybird books depicting images of farmers and crops and cattle. We're currently thinking that it'd be really lovely to celebrate all things autumnal and harvest-like and have a sort of harvest festival-come-harvest-moon celebratory meal.

The harvest moon is next Monday and my big, bombastic efforts aren't terribly likely to materialise for that, but I'm hoping that some way through October - or maybe November - we'll put on a big feast for some of our friends. This is all very steeped in that Victorian tradition of creating elaborately themed dinners, in which guests would partake through fancy-dress.

In preparation for this I've been buying old plates on which I hope to draw with my porcelain pens. All themed, of course. There appears to be a blue/gold/off-white link emerging in the plate choices. And I like that it'll all be a bit mismatched.

Now I just need to get drawing…