The Mexico Chapters: Laundry list

Sulky clouds // Dehydrated oranges left hanging beyond the wall // Deluge // Car stalls on barely-lit cobbled streets // Contemplate one thousand plastic rams in a bag // A collection of non-buckets // Hot-chocolate with almonds, honey and cinnamon - the best hot chocolate I've ever had made for me.

'MC: This work has a very long title: "Flying Saucer: Rainbow/Two Cyclists/Dog/Gorilla and Bananas/Chaotic Situation/Couple/Tortoise/Gunman (Fallen)", 1992.

JB: I just wanted to get everything in there.

MC: Like a laundry list.


JB: I've explained them as being how we experience the world. If you walk into a room and you have a lot of trash in your hand you're going to see the trash can and probably not see very much else or if you do, you might see a colour some place or whatever and everything else might be avoided. The next day you might be hungry you might see the potatoes and everything that's not of interest will be avoided. So they're really lessons in seeing what's important. What things do we see first? Do we focus on what's of use or, for visual delight. What things are we not interested in?'

Randomly found the other day, in an old sketchbook from the RCA, in the days before I religiously referenced everything that I pilfered. Think this is John Baldessari talking about creating paintings from photographs.

Love lists.