Dance Inferno at Green Lawns

Just a good Sunday thought after a thought-ful Saturday…

There's been a lot of talk of swimming lately… what with all my coaching sessions at Helston pool. But when there's an evening free, there's a lot to be said for the local, but stunted, hotel pool. OK, you can't quite pound it in the same way as the 25 metre biggie, but there's the benefit of a jacuzzi and sauna to take into consideration.

Better still, there's always the chance that you'll get to witness an unapologetically trashy hotel disco as you depart, with items of clothing abandoned in the Shining-esque halls and kids going awol to the scream of 'Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizzahut…'.

A good reminder of simple pleasures. Does it actually get better than being inspired and going to bad discos every once in a while?