We spoke of typewriters and things

© Lizzie Ridout

These must be now nearly eight years old now. I made them wrapped in a duvet in the garden of a manor house out near Argal lake. All day, every day, until it got dark. Scores of variations. M's marching arm in arm across the page.

Time spent loving letters. The letter 'm' had a whole term dedicated to it. First typewriters, then letterpress. But then it is a pretty special letter. Particularly on a typewriter, where it's the only letter that whilst normally wider than all the other lowercases, in these circumstances is crammed into a space the same size as its far narrower brothers and sisters. Tubby little broad-hipped m. Something nice about his strokes. Something nice about his zebra stripes.

Thanks to Gabriele and her Gabriele and reminding me of this old box of stuff.

Chorus - Gabriele Beveridge

And Mr L., who spent many afternoons with me talking about old films and cinemas, and most importantly, typewriters. I wish I had come by that last day, rather than just thinking about it.

© Lizzie Ridout