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'My' - with stars © Lizzie Ridout, 2007

A piece currently in Mix it up - a show of a works all 12" square in size, at The Salt Gallery, Hayle, until 5th January 2008.

Inspired by a text found in William Tassie’s Catalogue of Mottos & Devices (1830), back when I was researching at the British Library. This small catalogue offers jewellers interpretations - in list form - of the symbolic meanings attached to images and words used in jewellery engraving. The definition for ‘my’ stood out as completely distinct from all the other explanations in the catalogue. Whereas many offered logical readings, this one stated simply: ‘with stars’. This ambiguity made it attractive as a starting point for a series of drawings.

This edition of 25 was originally created as a series of prints, to be exhibited alongside Homeward Bound when it was launched in February this year. But I've always felt dissatisfied by the way it was necessary to exhibit these pieces, and recently decided to re-frame them in the way that I would have originally liked to. This is the first - the remaining two will follow.

'My' - with stars is laser-cut into paper, and when it is framed between two pieces of glass and hinged to a wall, movement and changes in light create a flickering effect through the holes. When light is cast directly on to the front of the piece it also casts light-text onto the wall behind. Click on the above picture to enlarge.